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Secondary school graduates continue their education only if they wish to do so. Therefore, it is wise to make a good choice, one that is most suited to your expectations, abilities and aspirations.

WARSAW COLLEGE OF PROMOTION is an academy for the " Young Bright Attractive". Young - mostly in spirit, dynamic, involved and ambitious. Bright- talented in a certain field, not necessarily connected with the specification of studies, however, with precise interests, for which the Academy can provide adequate guidance. Attractive- not only physically, but also as successful prospective employees and citizens.

Our College offers Professional Regular Daily Studies, Evening Studies, and Extramural Courses, granting the title of licentiate in the specialisation of "Advertising" and "Human Resources Management". Three year studies are divided into six semesters and undergraduates choose particular specialisations before the fourth semester begins.

WARSAW COLLEGE OF PROMOTION is the first non-State Professional Academy, specialising in Advertising and Human Resources Management. Our first students started their education at WCP three years ago. The Academy is also the first non-State Professional Academy in Warsaw, offering professional education in precisely defined specialisations. We remain in close contact with branch institutions, bearing in mind particular qualifications required on the labour market..

WARSAW COLLEGE OF PROMOTION is, finally, one of the first academies in Poland offering close contact between students and lecturers, resembling American standards. We are organised in a flat and effective management structure, employing people for whom teaching is a passion.

our guiding principle

WARSAW COLLEGE OF PROMOTION aims at educating highly qualified specialists, giving them sound theoretical knowledge and advanced, professional skills, corresponding to expectations of the labour market. We create mobile and flexible professionals, apt at reacting to new possibilities of employment. Our educational goal is best described by the Academy's motto " CONSILIO MANUQUE" (WITH PRUDENCE AND ADROITNESS).

our history

WARSAW COLLEGE OF PROMOTION was established by an act of foundation of INSTYTUT PROMOCJI Ltd. of 27th September 2000 pursuant to the permit issued by the Minister of National Education for the establishment of a non-State Professional Academy of 8th September 2000 ( decision no - DNS- 3- 0145- 549 /EKO/ 2000). The Academy acquired legal personality pursuant to the decision of the Minister of National Education, registered at non- State Professional Academies Registry under number 61 of 4th April 2001 (decision no - DSW- 3- 0145- 87 /TT/ 2001). The Warsaw College of Promotion has been in operation since October 1st 2001. The founder of WCP is Instytut Promocji Ltd., one of the largest independent educational institutions in Poland, which specialises in giving professional education in fields such as Market Communication and Human Resources Management.

Instytut Promocji Ltd. is a pioneer in vocational school education in the occupation of "Advertising Organisation Technician ". The Study Centre, established by the above mentioned Institute in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Poznań was granted a permit by the Ministry of National Education in 1997 to run an experimental educational programme in the afore mentioned occupation. Instytut Promocji Ltd. is also the founder of independent Study Centres, established in all Polish towns, offering courses on: Personal Counselling, Public Relations, Visual Communication and Entertainment Organisation.

quality evaluation

High quality of education is the Academy's primary concern. In the years 2002/2003 and 2003/2004 WCP gained accreditation of the National Education Accreditation Commission, by the Minister of National Education and Sport. Both specialisations, namely " Advertising " and " Human Resources Management " were given positive evaluations by NEAC, being the highest notes ever given to any Polish university. Our College also acquired approval of the Commission for the academic year 2008/2009.

teaching staff

Tutorials at the College are conducted by over a 100 lecturers, including 3 professors ordinary, 8 doctors with advanced doctoral degrees ( habilitated doctors) and over 20 doctors. The majority of tutors are specialists who are actively involved in their professional fields and are hence responsible for implementing professional training. WCP's tutors are prominent research workers and head representatives of the advertising industry as well as of the HR Branch. A detailed list of tutors at our College, including descriptions of scientific and professional achievements, publications and characteristics of their classes is available in the Teaching Staff section.

The slogan "Young Bright Attractive" can also apply to our academics. Their average age being about 33 years, and 46 years for designated professors. Our teachers dynamically pursue their professional goals, at the same time making academic progress. They are approachable and friendly, but demanding.

The teaching programmes at our Academy, as well as student affairs are being co-ordinated by Vice Rector- Artur Orzech, former research worker at Warsaw University, radio and TV journalist, announcer, known for hosting the Music Festival in Opole and Sopot, "Eurovision" Festival and the Third Channel of Public Radio.

educating conception

Education at Warsaw College of Promotion is based on original programmes and study plans designed for individual specialisations. The nine-year experience in education, changes in the Polish academic education system and new demands on the labour market, caused the modification of programmes and study plans. The fundamental idea of these changes is to, on the one hand eliminate information which may be irrelevant from the employer's point of view and on the other hand, make the process of education tailor made for the needs of each individual student. Regular Daily Studies consist of 2205 hours. Extramural Courses consist of 1299 hours, following the same plan as the Regular Daily Studies.

Warsaw College of Promotion is currently the only academy in Warsaw (including State universities), providing the evening and extramural students 80% of class hours available to regular day students. The College dutifully executes its programme. Despite the larger number of hours, payments are comparable to other colleges.

The academic programme for both specialisations is being executed starting from the more general issues and gradually concentrating on the details. In the first three semesters of education we focus mainly on general subjects, laying strong foundations for future professional education. In subsequent semesters detailed information is added to enhance specialised knowledge in the given subjects.

The academic programme mainly involves classes and seminars. The more specialised the courses are the more practical the classes become. The most specialised classes and seminars are available in the last three semesters, once undergraduates have decided on their specialisations. Not only the diploma seminars, but also all other classes are mainly practical. The educational aim of Warsaw College of Promotion is to effectively prepare future graduates for work in their chosen professions. A properly constructed programme, a large quantity of practical specialisation classes, our highly qualified members of staff with hands on experience in the fields of Advertising and Human Resources Management, as well as internships for our undergraduates at renown companies all contribute to the achievement of this aim.

Our graduates are therefore well prepared to take up jobs in their professions. They will have also acquired skills needed to change to a different profession in related branches. We also ensure that our students have conditions essential for the process of acquiring knowledge to take place, including motivation for those who need extra stimuli to learn effectively.

WCP Graduate is prepared for taking the job in educated occupation right after finishing the College.

Tutorials at WCP are in the form of lectures, classes, seminars, language courses and workshops. Forms of classes are adapted to particular subjects and the skills taught. Students can also attend regular consultations with lecturers. A modern teaching programme concentrated on practical skills cannot be implemented without the necessary facilities, including appliances which the student will have to use once employed.

Precisely due to this fact, state- of the- art equipment is employed at each stage of the teaching process. Apart from equipment such as: computers, TV sets, VCR's, cassette recorders, CD players, OHP's, and photocopiers we also use professional equipment like: scanners, video cameras, mini discs, sound amplifiers and sound location systems, sound mixers, professional photo equipment, including digital cameras and an studio.

graduate profile

Graduates receive the Licentiate Diploma in one of the two specialisations. Education at our College is interdisciplinary . During their course of study, undergraduates cover a wide range of knowledge and skills concerning corporate management, basics of economics, the humanities and art studies, all equally useful in pursuing future careers.

The main focus is placed on the ability to analyse the market and competitive environment of companies, the company resources as well as planning development strategies. It also emphasises the knowledge of marketing strategies, production management, staff management and finances. The academic program considers the ability to develop, implement and control corporate operational programmes as key elements in the various company strategies.

unique specialties

Warsaw College of Promotion stands out among other colleges also because it offers a wide range of interesting specialties guaranteeing future employment. The 'advertising' specialty has always been part of the College's curriculum and since 2007 we offer a new specialty 'Multimedia Design'. Specialties in 'Advertising' and 'Human Resources Management' are offered as part of the Extramural Courses.


The Advertising specialty is specifically designed for future employees of advertising agencies, the media and marketing departments of various corporations. The program focuses on promotion planning, advertisement creation, media planning and customer service.

Multimedia Design

A specialty for computer graphic designers, DTP operators, picture and sound technicians, communication applications designers. This interdisciplinary and innovative specialty curriculum combines studies in artistic image composition, the use of software for image and sound management as well as the creation of original IT communication systems. The specialty is available exclusively as part of Regular Daily Studies.

Human Resources Management

The Human Resources Management specialty is intended for prospective managers, HR department employees, professional counselors and trainers. The program gives qualifications in the fields of recruitment and selection, development of incentive systems, organization of coaching and training, HR management and planning. The specialty is available exclusively as part of Extramural Studies.

specific interests

The concept of education at WCP is based on the belief that all students have their own particular skills, abilities and interests. Due to the numerous discrepancies in the levels represented by undergraduates in foreign languages and computer skills at the beginning of their studies, as well as diversities between part- time and full- time students, mainly caused by age differences our College recognises the need for a personalised approach in the choice of language and computer courses, as well as the choice of a specialisation. That is why we provide English and computer courses on various levels of advancement. The students are divided into groups after writing progress tests conducted at the end of each semester, and new students are required to sit for an entrance test.

Specialisations are chosen after completing the third semester. That means the first three semesters of studies serve as an introduction to the professional subjects, allowing students to familiarize with the particular characteristics of the different specialisations and confront them with the their own needs and interests. Once the specialisation has been selected students may further develop their vocational profile by choosing specialisation modules. These modules constitute nearly 15% of all courses. Our College offers over 40 such modules to choose from and their number is increased each semester. This system enables the implementation of specialisation programmes which incorporate themes the students are most interested in with regard to their future professions. It also enhances the development of profound professional skills.


Internships are an integral part of our academic programme. We remain in strict co-operation with renown companies in the advertising industry, PR and HR Management. The internships provide undergraduates with an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the various management styles in appropriate branches, discover modern technologies and confront their knowledge with the current requirements. All this under expert supervision of specialists. Apart from internships offered at other companies undergraduates are given the chance to gain experience at the College. We deal in cultural and publicity events, gaining new sponsors, personal, product and event promotion as well as sound production. Students have every opportunity to gain professional experience and know- how in real life business situations.

computers and the internet

Computer skills are a basic element of our academic programme. The College aims at teaching undergraduates the essential practical skills of using this indispensable tool of human activity. Using standard office programmes and applications is also part of the curriculum.

The Regular Daily Studies plan includes 90 hours of computer courses on basic level of office software and prepares for further specialisation classes such as: designing, creating data bases etc. Computer classes are conducted in two rooms with 17 PC's in each one. Some of the programmes available are: Windows, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Corel (design), Oracle, IFS. All the computers have Internet access. Students have six PC's with permanent access to the Internet seven days a week between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

english courses

Business English is one of the essential parts of the academic programme. Language courses are available at three different levels each semester. Particular classes are adapted to the requirements of individual groups. Regular daily studies provide about 180 hours of English during the three years of study. As we have already mentioned, the main emphasis is placed on Business English. Classes on fifth and sixth semesters focus on language connected with the various specialisations chosen by students.

the campus

Good conditions for studying are our priority. We believe that it is especially important to a non- State college to provide adequate social amenities for its undergraduates. That is why we are situated in an office building with the necessary facilities and versatile rooms. The building has high-speed lifts carrying up to 80 people. The Academy is also prepared to cater for the disabled, for whom the classes, corridors and toilets are adapted.

All classes are held at our headquarters. This guarantees convenient transport to all commuters from all parts of the capital ( a 5-minute walk from the Dworzec Centralny). The College has rooms for lectures (in three different sizes) and classes (25 classrooms). There are also three snack bars in the building, where students can get something to eat. This particular location gives an excellent opportunity to lead a rich social life with numerous clubs, cinemas, theatres, muzeums, shops, and the like in the vicinity of our College. Only the physical education classes are conducted in nearby sport facilities.

The Academy also has at its disposal a fully equipped photographic studio with professional Sinar F1 camera, a recording studio, with complete sound application software given by Audio-Factory, suitable for recording advertising and musical material, as well as cameras and a stand for digital film processing.

The Academy's library has a collection of over 6000 books.

class organisation

Regular daily studies classes are provided from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Optional classes and physical education classes are run in the afternoon. Evening Studies are conducted from Monday to Friday, from 5.15 p.m. to 9.00 p.m., and Extramural Courses exclusively on Saturday and Sunday (all day long). Seventeen extramural meetings planned for each semester are divided into classes with compulsory attendance. (Students are supposed to attend a minimum of 70% of tutorials to get a credit). Lectures are not compulsory.

The Academy prepares and conducts many optional classes for students, including workshops focused on improving effectiveness of learning. We also host regular meetings with branch representatives or specialists in related fields which are of interest to the students. The meetings are greatly popular with our undergraduates and attendance is free of charge.

Classes are conducted in fairly small groups of about 12 to 20 students. This facilitates the creation of optimum learning conditions and makes room for individual differences in the speed of learning. It also makes it possible to adapt teaching methods to the needs of each group.

Having a good time

Students at the Warsaw College of Promotion have a rich social life. Regular cabaret evenings are a tradition. We also hold several indoor and outdoor music and dancing events. Our students organize the Artistic Circles Regattas, help actors collect money at the Stare Powązki Cemetery and take an active part in many other events.


Courses at The Warsaw College of Promotion are provided against payment. The payments include a one-off entry fee and regular fees. In spite of its uniqueness the College ensured the fees remain comparable to other colleges and are not liable to change during the course of studies. The fees cover over 2200 class hours for regular daily studies, whereas extramural and evening courses have over 80% of the class hours offered to full time students. WCP offers suitable forms of payment: per month, semester or year, and the two last forms give a discount of up to 10%. The charge per class hour does not exceed 10 PLN.

The entry fee is a one-off payment of 490 PLN effected when candidates file the required documents with the Academy after passing the entrance test and interview. Fees are the same for all types of courses, 570 PLN per month. Monthly payments should be transferred directly to the Academy account not later than the 8th day of each month starting from October for a period of 36 consecutive months.

Students who pay for an entire month or semester in advance are entitled to discounts. Payments made more than 15 days prior to the beginning of a semester amount to 2999 PLN for (a discount of over 6%). Payments made simultaneously for two semesters in advance amount to 5799 PLN (a discount of over 10%).

Payments for the new option of studies with English as the language of instruction are in the amount of 750 PLN (monthly), 4,230 PLN (per semester) and 8,100 PLN (annually).

Payments are not refundable. In case of overdue payments, interest accrues at a rate of 1% for each day of delay. Terms and conditions defining the commitments of the Academy and the students are specified in the contract of studies. The above mentioned fees are valid for students joining the Academy for the winter semesters of 2009/2010. Payments may be increased in consecutive years by an amount which does not exceed 10% of the fees due in previous years. The Academy reserves the right not to respect this condition only if the annual rate of inflation exceeds 15%. Should the above mentioned situation arise payments will be changed according to the annual rate of inflation. Since its inception the College has never changed payments in course of a cycle of studies .

WCP undergraduates are entitled to receive financial assistance from the government in the form of: social scholarships, special scholarships for the disabled, achievement scholarships, scholarships granted by the Minister and social allowance aids

conditions of recruitment

Recruitment for the first semester in the Academic year 2010/2011 commences on 14th June and lasts until 15th October or until all places have been taken up.

Candidates are required to hold secondary school graduation certificates. Candidates are enrolled for the first year of studies on the basis of an individual recruitment procedure comprising a test and an interview.

The entry test consists of 30 questions assessing the candidates general knowledge, specialised knowledge in the field of studies, logical thinking and creativity.

The interview aims at evaluating communicative skills, finding out about the candidates interests, reasons for choosing the Academy as well as the ability to cover costs of learning. The interview also allows the prospective students to enquire about the Academy of their choice. The test and interview are free of charge.

Appointments can be made in person, by telephone or e-mail (rekrutacja@wsp.pl). Results are available the following day. In the course of the last recruitment process 64% of the applicants were accepted, and are currently students at the College.

Within 7 days from the date of the interview and test candidates are obligated to file with the Academy the required set of documents consisting of: a secondary school graduation certificate ( the original, duplicate or copy certified by a notary). A no contraindications medical certificate and 4 photographs. Candidates are also required to conclude a contract and pay an enrolment fee. Graduates acquire the status of a student on the first day of the academic year after taking the oath.

Documents required

Within 7 days from the date of the interview and test candidates are obligated to file with the Academy the required set of documents consisting of: a secondary school graduation certificate ( the original, duplicate or copy certified by a notary). A no contraindications medical certificate and 4 photographs. Candidates are also required to conclude a contract and pay an enrolment fee. Graduates acquire the status of a student on the first day of the academic year after taking the oath.

transfer to the second
and upper semesters


Transfer to the second and upper semesters is possible after interviews on the candidate`s written application (printed, as application.doc or application. zip), with photocopies of the adequate student record book pages from the student's college. Interviews are conducted by persons appointed by the Rector and the appointments are made individually.

The decision whether to transfer a student or not is made on the basis of the interview. The semester and any possible curricular disparities and dates when these subjects have to be supplemented are specified therein. On the grounds of such a decision, the candidate concludes a contract and pays an enrolment fee of 490 PLN . A student registered on the second or upper semesters is exempt from payment for semesters for which the students is given credit by the Rector's decision.

Where differences in the academic programmes require a supplementation the student makes a one-off payment of 500 PLN within 14 days of concluding the study contract. Places on second and upper semesters are limited. Candidates will be accepted in the order of the filed applications.

An excerpt from the College Statute
On the transfer procedure

  1. Candidates may be accepted for studies on the second or upper semesters if they obtain an unconditional pass at a lower semester at a college with a similar teaching programme and fulfil all commitments arising out of regulations of the college they are leaving. Conditions of transfer to the second and upper semesters are specified by the Rector.
  2. Should the candidate be accepted for studies on the second or upper semesters the Rector decides on a list of possible differences in the teaching programmes and sets dates of their supplementation. Failure to keep the supplementation deadlines will result in the deletion from the student list or an obligation of repeating a semester. All marks obtained on the upper semesters are annulled if the student had a conditional credit and failed to get a pass in the subjects specified. A fee is charged for the supplementation of subjects. The fee and terms of payment are specified under the Rules of Additional Payments.
  3. A student accepted for studies on the second or upper semesters who had a similar academic programme for classes in a given subject will get a mark in the corresponding course equivalent to that obtained at the previous college. The notes are registered in the student's record book by the Rector according to the student's former record book.
  4. A student accepted for studies on the second or upper semesters who had a similar academic programme for lectures in a given subject will get a mark in the corresponding course equivalent to that obtained at the previous college. The notes are registered in the student's record book by the Rector according to the student's former record book.
  5. The ultimate condition of enrolment at the College is the conclusion of a contract of studies.

regular daily studies plan